The Runner's Mobile Guide to Improving Strength and Reducing Injury Risk.

Look Inside the Program:

Lap 1: Having A Strong Mindset & Course Outline

[4 Videos] Get started off on the right foot heading into this course by knowing what to expect and how to get the most out of it.

Injury Reduction Programming PDF

[Downloadable Interactive PDF] Off-Season 8-week sample training plan to help you practically implement all of the exercises that you will learn in this course in a systematic fashion.

Lap 2: Accessing Your Movement & Readiness to Run

[5 Videos] We dig deep into running-specific movement analysis. You will understand your readiness to run and come away with a clearer understanding of what specific parts of this course will help you the most after going through this module.

Lap 3: Not Your Typical Foot Strengthening

[6 Videos] In this module we unpack how most runners miss a very important concept that can make all the difference to build your foot and ankle strength from the ground-up.

Lap 4: Building Your Spring: The Calf Muscle Complex

[9 Videos] The Calves (Gastroc/Soleus Complex) is one of the most important running specific muscle groups in the body. We learn to make this area robust and springy to help give you confidence in your calves.

Lap 5: Durable & Resilient Hamstrings

[6 Videos] In this module we discover how important it is to learn how to strengthen through the full range of motion of the hamstring group, and how that will reduce your risk of hamstring injury.

Lap 6: Powerful Quads to Reduce Knee Issues

[5 Videos] The quadriceps have a vital role for dynamic control of the knee and foot. In this module we discuss how you can not only build quad strength, but leverage single leg control to give you confidence in your knees to handle heavy loading.

Lap 7: The Kind of Glute Strength That Matters & Will Last 26.2 Miles

[5 Videos] Your Hips have the task of controlling and absorbing force in the structures below them. In this lap, we separate fact from fiction for the glutes. We also place the building blocks for static and dynamic control of the hips that translates well into running.

Lap 8: Making it Running Specific

[4 Videos] In this module, we put it all together with a set of drills that incorporates common principles from the previous laps into easy to understand, yet challenging drills to help convert strength into performance.

The Convenience of an Online Program with The Support of a Community

After purchasing this program, you will be added to a private Facebook group where you can interact with other runners and Dr. Andrew. This will allow you to make sure that you have the time and space to get your questions get answered along the way.

In Your Private Facebook group you get:

 Facebook Live Videos of related topics in the program to promote understanding of the most important concept 

✅The support and motivation of the running community to push and encourage each other as we grow and get strong together.

✅Answer your specific running-related questions.

New to the Program

30 Minute Coaching Call: You have the floor! Your chance to gain insight on running related topics, Q/A, injury education, race planning, coaching options, ect.

Lifelong Learning Pledge

One Payment for Lifetime Access to This Ongoing Course.

As this course continues to be refined and added to, you will always have access to the updated material at no additional cost.

What Runners Are Saying About The Strong Runner Academy

Danielle Kroot @RunFitDoc

70.3 Triathlete, Boston Marathoner, Doctor of Physical Therapy

This course in outstanding and easy to follow! Dr. Drew takes the time to explain the "why" behind the exercises he's prescribing and provides you with ways to make it easier and harder based on where you are at. This is the perfect strength resource for runners, especially for those who don't have access to a gym. A lot of these exercises can be done at home with a couple of dumbbells or kettlebells. I highly recommend this course for runners of all levels that are looking to take their running to the next level and decrease their risk for injury!

Katie Budz, Runner, Doctor of Physical Therapy

"The Strong Runner Academy has great content, is easy to understand, and is well organized! Very well done. I would recommend it to any runner." 

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